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Body & Facial Massages
If you need relaxation, rejuvenation or refueling in your daily life then you need to experience one of our invigorating massages. Our everyday daily routines carry mental stress which becomes reflected deep within our body tissues to our smallest vessels in the form of pain. If these reflections are ignored then small acute pains can quickly transform into larger energy-sucking illnesses. 
The massages we provide specifically focus to achieve these three vital needs. Our massage specialists are well experienced in both theoretical and practical aspects in understanding the physiology of muscle tissues and exercising relevant stress busting techniques. Each massage offers a unique experience that leaves the client in a paradisiacal state. 
Our Massages

Full Body Massage


Nourishes every muscle tissue in the body.


£45 | 60 minutes


Hot Stone Massage


A natural therapy that utilises the healing properties of specific mineral dense stones alongside hot oil therapy that broadens their effect.

£50 | 70 minutes

Back & Neck Massage

Helps release deep rooted tension within the shoulders and cervical area that are most responsible for carrying stress that weighs down the body.

£25 | 30 minutes

Deep Tissue Back Massage

Ideal for people with chronic back aches and sports injuries. Consists of applying deep pressure with the correct physiological techniques to the problematic area, thereby restoring the synchronised balance between injured and healthy back muscles. Results in less stiffness and discomfort in the whole back area to aid correct posture. Other substantial benefits include lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels. 

 £35 | 30 minutes

Full Body Pregnancy Massage

Helps the female lymphatic system working at maximum efficiency, flushing out the spike in toxins accumulated through pregnancy. Our specialist techniques are designed to increase blood flow to womb tissues to provide effective nourishment to the offspring and reduce related stress levels. Formulated especially for pregnant women, we make sure the clients shape and posture is appropriately aligned while all body parts are placed in comfortable positions to prevent aches and disfigurations. 

£45 | 70 minutes


Me and my mum have been coming here for a few years now for our eyebrows threading and various massages, the staff are so friendly and always make us feel welcome, the massages are amazing and I wouldn't go anywhere else! 

Hannah Goodacre - Facebook review

I went in for a full body massage and Spafind Facial. My treatment was with Harpreet Samra and she was by far the best massage I have had EVER. She is thorough with kneading out all your tension and leaving you quiet literally on cloud 9. She was very soothing and kept me relaxed throughout , when she gave me my facial she gave me some really great advice and tips on both products and technique. I would only go back to her when next in Leicester! Highly recommended! Also she is absolutely lovely! 🙂

Medhavi Patel - Facebook review

I have been using charisma for many years I always return despite moving out of catchment area due to the friendly service and amazing treatments. I would highly recommend the the stone massage, pedicure and facials for a real pamper treat. xx

Michelle Hawksley - Facebook review

Holistic Massages

Indian Head Massage

A brain-boosting procedure that increases nourishment and oxygen intake into the brain cells to re-energise the mind , hence useful for individuals with mind related issues such as insomnia, forgetfulness and migraines. In addition, it improves lymphatic drainage in the neck & brain thereby assists in detoxification. Also Stimulates inactive hair follicles to boost hair growth.

£20 | 30 minutes


An ancient Chinese healthcare practice that is now proven to restore the body's natural mechanisms and unblock channels that cause both physical and mental pain. The practice involves the application of acute pressure to specific healing points linked individually to each body parts function.

£30 | 30 minutes
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