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Excess fat and cellulite makes the skin appear less healthly. Luckily, Lipomassage ™ by endermologie aims to reactivate the fat release process (lipolysis) to erase localised fat and imperfections that naturally occur through ageing. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise this process can be difficult to stimulate again. 

The technology involves a mechanical stumulation that targets the tissues of the specific area in focus. Its perfected roll'in, roll'out & roll'up action succesfully achieves 3 results: Slimming, Firming & smoothing of the skin. These results are achieved by slimming down fat cells and smoothing out cellulite connecting the tissues. 

30 minute session            £35

Course of 10                    £300

Course of 15                    £450

What are the benefits?
Canva - Skin care. Woman is in the proce
  • A naturally firmer & smoother skin

  • A more refined and healthier figure

  • 100% PAIN FREE

  • 100% natural procedure with no harmful chemicals used.

  • Treats both MEN & WOMEN

'the only 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes' - Endermologie
How does it work?
As the body ages, the cells responsible for the elimination of fat become less efficient. As a result the skin becomes more loose as excess fat accumulates within the tissues. Fat also starts to build up in the blood vessels, thereby slowing down blood flow  and reducing nutrient intake by cells.
LPG technology works on stimulating the slimming cells (adipocytes) and rejuvenating cells (fibroblasts) to help restart the natural processes that work to utilise excess fat correctly. 
Highly recommended! Had a lpg endermologie and aqua treatment and really happy about the results. Staff are lovely too! cheers!
Kasia Zawadzka

Had 4 sessions of Lipomassage. Have seen the positive results already. My skin feels tighter and smoother!

Sophia Jones

Before and after
Canva - Before and after facial treatmen
Canva - Man Before And After Loosing Fat
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