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AQUA3 Facials


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The unique benefits of AQUA3 facial treatments have gained massive popularity with skin specialists ever since their recent introduction in to the market. The innumerable benefits the technology boasts is unmatched within the market whose growth had been previously been stagnant.

Being relatively new on the market, we are the one of the few clinics that utilises this skin-restoring technology within the Leicestershire & the Midlands. Our clientele have seen this machinery do wonders when many facial treatments on the market have failed them in treating stubborn and unhealthy skin.




This advanced technology combines the effective use of Diamond microdermabrasion to strengthen the facial muscles alongside the detergent properties of mineral based acidic water, to naturally re-energise dormant muscle cells deep within the facial tissues. 

The machinery incorporates 3 different handpieces, each of which have different purposes associated with 3 powerful acidic minerals:

1. The usage of Mandelic acid + Salicylic Acid significantly removes stubborn blackheads and dead skins cells

2. Hylauronic Acid makes sure the skin is deeply moisturised and restructed  to make the face more visibly glowing and in a better state to combat harmful substances it comes to contact every second.



Overall, list of benefits are:

  • Deep cleansing of the face - a daily cleansing routine must adopted alongside the treatment.

  • Huge reduction in unfunctioning cells - these block the immune response of active cells in fighting off harmful skin deteriorating substances

  • Deep moisturisation - a daily home routine by itself can not penetrate to restore the deepest skin tissues and remove all dead skin cells.

  • Anti Ageing - restructuring of the face reverses the effects of natural ageing


Just a say that the new laser treatment are working fabulous 3 sessions in and the results are great highly recommend this is you are sick of shaving lol x plus had the Aqua3 treatment today xxx loved it look like a new born baby

Kelly Willis

Highly recommended! Had a lpg endermologie and aqua treatment and really happy about the results. Staff are lovely too! cheers!

Kasia Zawadska

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