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CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Technology) is the skin care markets leading innovative and trusted brand, providing advanced quality instruments to naturally restore the skins healthy state without the need of harmful and unpredictable chemicals. A company consisting of an expansive research team inclusive of highly qualified scientists, ensures the high efficacy and safety of all their manufactured instruments.
Today their line of award winning anti ageing treatments have gained immense attention in the media due to being hugely revered by celebrities and beauty critics in treating facial skin issues (burns, acne etc), toning and lifting of facial features (Jaws, chin etc).  
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The technology was first developed by Dr Thomas Wing in 1992 to successfully treat Bells Palsy and Stroke patients. His dedication in healthcare led him to discovering the benefits of the technology in treating patients with skin complications.

Our CACI treatments
Non Surgical Face Lift
This Ultimate Non-Surgical Facial treatment is an advanced facial which focuses on all of your anti-ageing concerns. This ultimate procedure incorporates muscle lifting and toning, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, plumping of fine lines and wrinkles and a hydrating gel mask to rejuvenate and brighten the skin.

£55.00 per sessions  |  60 minutes
£400 - 10 sessions - recommended for long-term effects

Super CACI Face Lift

The Super CACI is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the 60 minute Non Surgical Face lift with the added bonus of the Hydratone face mask providing intensive skin hydration and face firming


£70.00 |  75 minutes

£500 - 10 sessions - recommended for long term effects

Wrinkle Comb Treatment

Effectively targets deep lines and wrinkles caused by ageing. A healthy & natural alternative to collagen injections and derm fillers that cause redness and long-term discomfort. Stimulates underworked muscle tissues to bring a youthful look back to the face.

£25 | 45 - 60 minutes

HydroTone Treatment


Natural alternative to intensive skin hydration and face firming to reduce anti-ageing effects and offsetting breakout triggers.


LED Light Therapy


A new scientific breakthrough that has proven to be effective in restoring the normal vibration of cells that have been distorted by the effects of ageing. Thereby stimulates the natural production of protein synthesis and hence collagen in the cells, the protein responsible for skin elasticity. Certain light wavelengths have a bio stimulatory action on the cells and so can be used to effectively normalise cellular imbalances and treat certain skin complications.


Try the Caci non surgical face treatment and micro dermilogical treatment, Lifts and tones, did wonders for my face, took 5 years off my face, skin is amazing, and makeup goes on so so much better, thanks every one, you have been amazing x

Lloraine smith - facebook review


I had the Super CACI face lift and have the seen huge benefits to my skin texture and strength after 4 months since my last treatment. The therapist was really helpful in addressing my concerns and questions.

Neena Kaur - facebook review

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